I don’t blame Lewis Hamilton

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I was on LBC with Nick Ferrari this morning. He made the point that he was quite sure Lewis Hamilton had not designed whatever arrangements he has to save tax. And he is right. Lewis Hamilton did not do that.  An accountant and a lawyer did that for him.

So who is to blame if mistakes were made?

And who is responsible if abuse occurred?

Lewis Hamilton may not have shown best judgement but he did not create this abuse. So let's blame those who did. The accountants and lawyers are responsible. And it is time they were called out for that.

I stress, Lewis Hamilton might have been wiser. But being badly advised is not a crime. Offering bad advice is what should be called out here. Which is why I want to focus on the lawyers, and most especially the accountants who underpin offshore abuse.

And I start with the Big Four - PWC, Deloitte, EY and KPMG - who make all this possible. They are most at fault in the world of offshore.

Now let's deal with that.