Dear Angelina, Paying tax is the price of a ‘foothold’ in the UK economy

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The Guardian has noted:

Angelina Jolie could be deterred from UK move by mansion tax


Celebrity said it ‘would be really nice to have a foothold here for work’ but may be put off by tax on houses worth over £2m

Now, we know that Dame Angelina got her title for services to William Hague but this is taking matters a little far. Apparently the opinion of someone who might want 'a foothold for work' here but is not actually resident, and who is unlikely ever to be so, let alone become domiciled, apparently matters enough to be reported as a matter of significant UK political concern.

Well, if that's the case then let me contextualise this, and offer a response. First, Angeline, there are a lot of people already here and who have rather more than a foothold in UK work who would dearly love a house in this country; any house; and can't get one. That's in no small part because people like you have dragged London house prices way out of any scale that they will ever be able to afford. And all you want is to use them as a 'foothold', and not live in them.

Second, we only really want people to come here if they are willing to pay our taxes chosen by our democratically elected government. If  you don't like that, please don't bother to create a foothold or anything else as we think paying tax is the obligation that arises from any such presence.

Third, if you want a foothold, we have them; they're called hotels. You're very welcome to use them. I am sure we have some that will charge as much as you want to pay, although I've never been to them.

And last, you've done some good work internationally. Knowing when to stop the commentary is, however, part of the art of being effective. This time you went too far, and it won't help the causes you do promote, successfully.