Gambia’s now got an 0207 London number if it’s the new tax haven that you’re looking for

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I've just had the following email shared with me:


The Republic of The Gambia has launched a new offshore/onshore business jurisdiction which offers the complete range of corporate structures such as IBCs, Trusts, Tax Resident companies as well as Gaming, Banking and Insurance Licences. The registration of corporate structures can be achieved online in less than 30 Seconds. All administration of the companies is managed online via an online cloud portal managed by the iCommerce Registry Agency.

In addition to the Registry, the development of Global Enterprise Zones has made The Gambia one of the most attractive business environments in terms of tax incentives and infrastructure in the world. Located on the East Atlantic coast it offers many advantages to businesses of all sizes and is an ideal gateway to the rapidly growing African economy.

We are looking to recruit Registration Agents, Trust Agents and other professional service partners who can assist Global and Local Corporations and offer advice on the new jurisdiction. There is no requirement for agents of the iCommerce registry to be located in The Gambia as the incorporation and admin is managed entirely online and in fact the application to become an approved agent is simple and is completed within 24 hours.

Highlights of The Gambia Trust Regulations briefly include

  1. A trustee can be any standard IBC incorporated in the Gambia
  2. A special trust like the BVI VISTA can be created, but unlike BVI VISTA it does not require a special company trust company.

Highlights of The Gambia IBC Regulations briefly include

  1. A standard IBC incorporated in the Gambia is offshore and tax free.
  2. A special licence allows the IBC to become tax resident and access tax treaties.
  3. For Tax resident companies taxation is on a territorial basis, there no tax on corporate income, generated from sources outside of the Gambia
  4. No Audit is required for non-resident companies and audit exemption is easily available regardless of turnover for tax resident companies on application
  5. The Gambia IBC companies have already been approved by the compliance departments of most major banks

Further benefits of the jurisdiction and its online registry service is available on our website:

Our support team is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have and assist in the registration process to become an Agent of the Registry.

Kind Regards,

Business Development Team

iCommerce Registry -

Sales: +442073997788
Support: +442073997800

Oh dear, the tax haven world marches on.

But what I especially liked are those last phone numbers, indicating a base in central London.

Now how could that be?

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