There is only one real question at the next election – which is “how will you deliver full employment?”

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The debate about the next election seems to be focussing on Europe, immigration, debt, deficit, cuts, welfare and the like.

They may be important. But they all miss the big issue - which is that there is only one question of importance at the next election and no ons is addressing it because none of the mainstream parties or UKIP have a clue how to deal with it.

That question is "how are you going to deliver full employment?"

Nothing else matters.

With full employment we would not have an immigration issue.

With full employment people could afford homes - which would be being built.

With full employment we would see the deficit disappear as people paid tax and did not claim ebewnfits.

With full employment we'd have fewer people using the NHS.

With full employment our children would have hope and education could really deliver.

With full employment anything is possible.

But right now no one is seeking to deliver full employment.

Why is that?