Jersey and Guernsey are circling like vultures over the carcass of Cyprus

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I have to note this:

Yuri Bender @yuribender of the FT's Professional Wealth Management just tweeted "Channel Islands currently doing their best to attract Russian clients".

And I am sure it is true.

Like vultures picking over a carcass the Channel Isalnds will be delighting at Cyprus' misfortune - which they themsves only avoided because the UK taxpayer saved the British banks that underpin the economies of Jersey and Guernsey.

And in this behavioiur - which Dave Jones of Guernsey has said is happening in the comments section of this blog - the Channel Islands reveal their true colours because let's be clear, no one thinks that all the money Russians held in Cyprus was legitimate. But the Channel Islands are queuing up to accept it anyway, a feat which would require turning a blind eye to its origin.

And Jersey and Guernsey wonder why I criticise them. Isn't it obvious?

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