This Thursday in Norwich

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‘U STOP Poverty – How Many Multinationals are Keeping the Poor, Poor’ on Thursday 9 February, 7.30 pm – 9.00 pm is part of a series of events in the city organised by Christian Aid to inspire and inform those working to relieve poverty, and to begin a process of networking which will lead to ongoing mutual support.
Richard Murphy (pictured), who is an anti-poverty campaigner, tax expert and the author of‘The Courageous State: Rethinking Economics, Society and the Role of Government’, will explore how the current economic situation can be changed so that developing countries no longer lose out in aid from companies avoiding the payment of tax.
Julian Bryant, of Christian Aid, explains:  “£101 billion a year could fund the UNs’ Millennium Development Goals several times over, eradicate malaria or make significant differences in relation to solving major issues of poverty in developing countries. Yet, it has been estimated that £101 billion is being denied to developing countries by various multinational corporations that use tax haven secrecy to avoid paying taxes.
“Developing countries are losing more from companies avoiding the payment of tax than they receive in aid. Imagine what a difference it would make to a developing country to actually receive the tax they are due?”
The event is free and open to all with no booking necessary. For more information contact Julian Bryant, Christian Aid on 07940 848829 or email

Kings Centre (Kings Church), Kings Street, Norwich, NR1 1PH