Lib Dems demand General Anti Avoidance Rule

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This motion, mainly from Lib Dems, has been tabled in parliament:


Organisation: House of Commons - Commons Early Day Motions
Source: House of Commons - Commons Early Day Motions
Date: 01.12.11

Stephen Williams

That this House notes the widespread public concern about the extent of tax avoidance and evasion by individuals and corporations; further notes that while evasion is illegal, taxes can be avoided by schemes that are contrived in their nature or by arrangements that are artificial and thus far removed from the responsible tax planning measures provided for by Parliament; believes that the ever-growing expansion of anti-avoidance measures has not eliminated the scope for exploitation of loopholes; further notes the publication of the report by Graham Aaronson QC outlining the case for the introduction of a general anti-avoidance rule in the UK; and urges HM Treasury to bring forward legislation within the next Finance Bill for the introduction of such a rule.


Simon Hughes *
Mr David Laws *
Lorely Burt *
Tom Brake *
Tim Farron *
Annette Brooke
Andrew George
Jenny Willott

It deserves support.

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