Channel Islands’ VAT abuse: the end is nigh

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From Channel Online, yesterday:

Channel Television can reveal that Jersey's fulfillment industry have been warned that Low Value Consignment Relief could be reduced or even scrapped.

LVCR is a tax loophole by which UK consumers can buy goods from the islands and not pay VAT.

We have learnt that at a private meeting, Jersey's Economic Development Minister warned the island's companies to prepare for the worst.

And so another campaign against Crown Dependency tax abuse looks to be heading for a successful close.

I've begun to forget the scopre now, except I know they've got zero.

And yes, I know this one is not over yet. I just emphasis the 'yet'.

After all, if you were a Chancellor looking at £200 million extra a year right now would you turn it down? Not even George Osborne could do that. Surely?