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I've been having a long running debate on this blog with some from secrecy jurisdictions. One of the regular commentators (from the Isle of man) concluded:

Given that [Richard] is, basically, a Marxist you (and I) and he are never going to see eye to eye. Marxists are well known for being possessed of fanatical devotion so their (so-called) ideals and with that goes an inability (or is it a conscious determination) not to see common sense. We just have to put our logical point of view across, not for Richard's benefit, but so that the impartial observer can see where the sense lies.

Interesting. Have you noted my CV guys? It says:

Richard is a chartered accountant and graduate economist. He trained with KPMG in London before setting up his own firm of chartered accountants in 1985 in London. He and his partners sold the firm in 2000 when it had 800 clients.

Richard is a serial entrepreneur, having directed more than 10 SMEs in sectors as diverse as IT, the toy industry and environmental auditing in both the UK and overseas.

Senior partner of a firm of chartered accountants? Serial entrepreneur? And a Marxist? Come on, pull the other one. I'm no such thing (as my Marxist friends are wont to tell me - and yes I know some - and neoliberals too!).

As my Green New Deal colleague Larry Elliott wrote in the Guardian yesterday:

Schopenhauer was bang on the money when he said that truth goes through three stages. In the first stage, it is ridiculed. In the second stage, it is violently opposed. And in the third stage, which of course is where we are now, it is accepted as self-evident.

Actually, I thought there was a fourth stage, which is initial denial, but the point is well made.

Those commenting have said I do not know what I am talking about (despite which they still engage); they have offered abuse (that's why they describe me as a Marxist: they think it a derogatory term), and they admit they are very angry with me.

That's OK. They're getting into stage 2. More evolved beings are in stage three. Some won't get there. Those that matter are. That's fine. I can live with that.

But let's be clear. Five years ago there was denial amongst many that there was a continuing problem with tax havens. That stage is history. Stage 2 (ridicule) is over for most. Stage 3 (anger) is very obvious right now. And some now see that it is self-evident that change must happen. The trajectory of progress is now apparent, and I'd like to think pretty much unstoppable.

Time to smell the coffee guys: and Marx didn't make it. The real issue is just a commitment to honesty in business. Not too much to ask for, I'd have thought. But apparently beyond your comprehension, as yet. Self-evidence will arrive though, don't worry.

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