Bob McIntyre on PWC’s Total Tax Contribution

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I commented recently on PWC's Total Tax Contribution.

A couple of days after doing so PWC asked me if I'd comment on behalf of civil society on the issue, on a more formal basis. They'd already asked Bob McIntyre of Citizens for Tax Justice in the USA his views. He declined, and now he's said why.

I note Bob quotes me, and we did discuss the issue. He's translated one word into Americanese in the process (bilge isn't one I usually use) but Bob's circumspection is right. After 45 minutes of being interviewed by PWC, during which I offered some forthright views on the methodology PWC use the interviewers asked "so we can take it then that you're in sympathy with what PWC is doing?"

I had to question whether they had listened to a word I had said. Sorry PWC and those I know who are involved in the UK, but can you drop the propaganda element of this that leads to the nonsense that Barclays recently produced on tax and CSR and instead deal with the issues? Civil society might then have time for you.