As from 17 February 2014 the following comments policy shall apply on this blog:

This blog is written by Richard Murphy as a narrative commentary on tax, economics, and related political issues. It is not intended to be a discussion forum. You may, however, offer comment for publication here but in doing so you acknowledge and agree that I am under no obligation to publish any comment submitted and that the following conditions will apply to all comments offered for publication.

The first condition is that you have the legal right to offer the comment submitted and that it does not infringe the right of any other persons. You will be responsible for any costs arising if it is found that that you are in breach of this condition.

Secondly, the comment offered must be intended to develop the themes I am discussing. There are ample opportunities in a wide range of media for opposing the opinion I offer and you are welcome to use them. This blog is not one of those places. This blog is focussed on providing creative solutions to the tax and economic issues we face in the interests of all rather than a few. If your comment is not a constructive contribution to that process it may well be deleted.

Thirdly, I reserve the right to edit and amend any contribution to make it suitable for publication if I think it appropriate without consulting without you first or having liability to you for any change made.

Fourthly, I reserve the right to delete any comment or block any commentator who  I decide is behaving in a disruptive or disagreeable manner and shall have no obligation to explain why or consequent liability as a result of doing so.

Fifthly, all the above being said, I will usually post comments that I do not agree. That is because the posts on this blog are written to inform and stimulate debate. I always aim to represent my take on matters with clarity and with regard to my informed opinion and as a result I am open (contrary to popular belief) to consider an opposing point of view if presented in a similar manner. But please note that if you are moved to comment please address the ideas presented and not the character of the presenter. Endless exchanges to determine who is right or wrong are tiresome and have no place on this blog. In my opinion, such exchanges only succeed in polarising opinion and stifling debate. Repetition is usually intended to achieve the same result and as such almost invariably gives rise to deletion. Those who persist in presenting comments that do not meet the standards set in this moderation policy can be, and will, be blocked from posting again.

A disclaimer

All the above being noted, the information and any commentary on the law or other issues contained in this bulletin provided free of charge for information purposes only. Every reasonable effort is made to make the information and commentary accurate and up to date, but no responsibility for its accuracy and correctness, or for any consequences of relying on it, is assumed by the author or the publisher.

The information and commentary does not, and is not intended to, amount to porfessional advice to any person on a specific case or matter. You are strongly advised to obtain specific, personal advice on any matter that cincerns you and not to rely on the information or comments on this site.

NB: This policy was extended with regard to comments concerning Jeremy Corbyn's Labour leadership campaign on 30 July 2016 for reasons noted here.

The fifth point noted above was revised on 25 June 2019.