Truth to power

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I posted this on Twitter as an honest response to Starmer's speech in Downing Street, which I felt remarkably uninspired:

Note the number of responses. This is a flavour of them:

I have chosen to ignore some of the more abusive ones - but it's fair to say the Labour troll bot machine was definitely out in force.

So, too, are those who want nothing from a politician and who think Starmer will deliver that. I think they will be bitterly disappointed.

What I can be sure of are three things, all of which I can control.

The first is that I will speak truth to power.

The second is that if this means I criticise Labour, I will.

And, third, I will do so even if that upsets people.

In this case, the likes and retweets considerably exceed the number of comments: that's a positive measure on Twitter.

But if people think that I will change my tone just because we have a new government that is intent on delivering the same old failed mantras in new, dull, and boring ways, they are seriously mistaken.

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