Did Keir Starmer really win?

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I have published this video this morning. In it I argue that Labour might have won a massive majority but did Keir Starmer really win? His constituency data presents a very different view – as does a comparison with Jeremy Corbyn. He has delivered an unloved landslide majority to govern the country.

There is no audio version, as yet.

The transcript is:

Did Keir Starmer really win this election? I just want to offer you some figures that suggest he shouldn't be quite as confident as he will appear to be on so many newspaper front pages on Saturday morning.

Why? He didn't do so well in his own seat. He actually only got 18,884 votes for himself. In 2019, he got 36,641. His personal vote halved in this general election.

The turnout in his constituency collapsed. It was 56,000 in 2019. It was 38,000 this time.

That isn't the sign of a man who's really winning the confidence of the people who elected him.

And let's compare him with his predecessor, Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn got 24,120 votes in this election. Stamer, just 18, 884. Who's the more popular? Well, on a poll, it would seem that Corbyn is.

So, is Starmer really the winner of this election, or is he, as Gary Gibbon on Channel 4 said, the leader of an unloved landslide party?

I fear he's the leader of the unloved, and that's going to show very quickly.

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