The US is continuing its descent into fascism

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The USA is continuing its descent into fascism.

The US Supreme Court has ceased to function as an agency tasked with upholding the rule of law. It does, instead, regularly divide on party political lines, with the majority favouring the Republican Trump line, as they did yesterday when declaring that a US President cannot be held criminally liable for their actions when in office, even if they would otherwise have contravened the law.

What the Supreme Court has, of course, done is confirm that the fascist ideal of the strong man, acting above and beyond the law, does now exist within the US Constitution. No one, excepting Donald Trump, might have thought that until this moment. Now those on the Supreme Court, too many of them his political appointees, have declared this to be the case.

As a consequence some of the criminal actions being brought against Trump might now have to be dropped.

Even more worryingly, if Trump now returns to office he does so knowing that he has immunity for his actions when in office. Giving someone as recklessly irresponsible as Donald Trump such a guarantee can only be described as an act of criminal folly.

Worse, though, what this makes clear is that the USA is already far advanced down the path to fascism, with that route being facilitated by those who serve on its Supreme Court.

The US has always had a very tortured relationship with democracy, both at state and federal levels. It runs a two-party political system that denies far too many choice. It is also riddled by gerrymandering and by corruption, whether legally sanctioned or not. Now the situation has got worse. Taking the actions of the president outside the law can only have that consequence.

The US is living in very dangerous times. Its influence on the rest of the world means that we are too. And if, as is quite possible, what happens in the US sets the de facto normal standard for democracy, then this Supreme Court decision will have repercussions around the world.

I won't pretend that I am not worried. I am.

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