Big business ad financial markets love the far-right

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The far-right has won the French general election, so far.

The result? The euro has gone up in value and the French stock exchange has increased in value by 2.5 per cent, according to the Guardian. What does this say? I suggest three things.

First, business loves the far-right. They know it exists to benefit them.

Second, the far-right loves big business. Even more than neoliberalism, it exists to serve their interests.

Third, ordinary people are conned by the far-right rhetoric of hate that is created to win support by dividing society. Too late, the vulnerable realise that the far-right is no more interested in their well-being than the right-of-centre parties are. The con-trick is complete by then.

Might that realisation permeate in France before next weekend? I doubt it. We still have reason to worry, unless your interests are aligned with big business in France, of course.

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