Why does society hate thinkers?

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This morning's short video has now been published. In it, I argue that thinkers exist to upset people. That's what “thinking outside the box” will always do. So, bosses don't want thinkers. They want “team players” instead. And that's why business in the UK has such a lousy track record when it comes to innovation.

You can view the video here.

The transcript is:

Why does society hate thinkers?

Have you seen the job adverts which say, “We want a self-starter: we want somebody who can think outside the box”?

And then they also say, “We need you to be a team player. And someone who has strong social skills, so that they can integrate into our team.”

Look, these things are contradictory.

They're meant to be. Because in reality, no company wants somebody who thinks outside the box. That's deeply upsetting for everybody who's thinking inside the box.

The fact is that we have a productivity crisis in this country. And that's largely because we actually suppress the ability of anybody who can think by telling them, “Think like everyone else”.

If we want to innovate, change, and advance our society, we have to start appreciating the thinkers that our big businesses most certainly do not at present.

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