There is only one acceptable owner of the Royal Mail

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According to  the Guardian, the company that owns the Royal Mail, and which as a result controls ours postal service, has accepted a cash takeover offer for the whole company from Czech billionaire Daniel Křetínský.

I have nothing against Czechs.

I can live with billionaires who pay all their taxes in the right place at the right time, and do not seek to use their financial might to unduly influence politics in ways unavailable to others.

But I do have major problems with the Royal Mail being under the control of a person or company from outside the UK.

I do, in fact, have problems with it being controlled by any individual.

Mail is not,  of course, anything like as important as it once was. Volumes of letters posted have fallen considerably. But to pretend that this service is no longer a core part of our national infrastructure would be absurd.

And we know what happens to core infrastructure under foreign control. Just look at Thames Water.

So what should happen to the Royal Mail? In the first instance there should be a bar on its sale outside UK control. And then, like so many core services, nationalisation should be considered.

Privatisation and all the exploitation that has gone with it has failed. When will politicians admit the fact?


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