Sugar is now public health enemy number 1

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For most of my life, tobacco has been public enemy number one when it comes to healthcare. But that is no longer true. It's now public enemy number two, because public enemy number one is sugar.

Sugar is added to every ultra-processed food that our society now produces, and it's added by big business to keep you hooked on food. Literally addicted to overeating.

The consequence is simple to see.

It's obesity. It's diabetes type 2.

It's even dementia, which some medics are now calling diabetes type 3.

Sugar is addictive.

It is destructive.

It's destroying our health service by creating demand that it can't manage.

We need to cut sugar out of food.

Please ask your politicians at this election where they stand on sugar and whether they would change the law about its consumption.

I should add that when discussing health issues like this I am heavily influenced by advice from my wife, who is a partner in this project and a retired GP, and former member of the Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of General Practioners.

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