The Starmer project is deeply contemptuous of anyone vaguely left of centre

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Sonia Sodha, The Observer's main leader writer, wrote a particularly irritating article in that newspaper yesterday. In it, she criticised those on the left who, she says, are splitting the Starmer vote, which she thinks is wholly unproductive, not least because she claims that three women Labour MPs might lose their seats as a result.

Sodha appears to be entirely blind to some political facts when she makes her comments.

Firstly, even though she acknowledges that many on the left  think that there is almost nothing that can differentiate Kier Starmer's Labour Party from the Conservatives, excepting perhaps the scale of incompetence that they can display in the delivery of their common agendas, she still, somehow, believes that those who are anywhere on the left should be entirely happy that a party that used to represent the interest of people, rather than capital, is only now interested in serving the interest of wealth.  Despite that she seems to think that its traditional support should still offer their loyalty to it. Quite why it is that she thinks brand loyalty is more important than political substance, she does not explain.

Secondly, she does not explain why she thinks that those who believe that people and the planet have higher priority than the promotion of wealth should willingly give up their political right to seek representation by those who share their opinion, and yet that is clearly what she thinks we should do to further Labour's cause. This is truly baffling.

Third, she also seems to think that those who are left of centre should support Labour Party candidates just because they are women, even though they will then obediently nod through legislation that will, undoubtedly, be detrimental to the best interest of this country. I can see no logic to this, whatsoever. I do not discriminate in this way, and I am not sure why she should expect me or anyone else to do so. I doubt she voted for Thatcher or May for this reason, so why ask that anyone do so for a woman Labour candidate?

So what might Sodha really be saying? I think that there are three message.

The first is that the left should shut up, and be obedient to whatever Labour defines their interests to be.

Second,  she obviously wants the left to align their interests with those with wealth.

Third, she is clearly intent on denying the left the right to make a political choice, which is, of course, a belief at the very heart of the Starmer project, as is apparent from his contempt for Labour's membership.

I am inclined to take this article at face value. Sodha is, I am quite sure, very close to the Labour hierarchy. I have no doubt that she shares her contempt for people on the left with them.

As a result, let's understand that they have ceased in any way to represent the interests of people in this country.

In that case, let's also wonder about what comes next, because if this is the case then this might be the last election where the current party brands (as opposed to ideologies, where there is no difference) are on offer as the alternatives that we have to choose between. Next time, the people might have had enough of being treated with contempt.

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