Goslings in a row

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I was out and about again this morning, even if I returned to my desk this afternoon.

It was a glorious morning, with me taking on the role of volunteer bird guide for some of it - and showing a cuckoo to some people for whom that was a lifetime first - which was fun.

As to pictures, I was looking at things in a different way, by and large. Start with some other members of the flying community:

Then there was a different perspective on a natural fractal, in the form of an elderflower in close up:


And then seek echoes in the foreground and background:

Before taking a lesson in getting your goslings in a row:

It's not a great photo, but twenty-one*  Canada goslings with some parents in attendance was just too good to ignore. Like all geese, they share parenting communally, but I am not sure I have ever seen that many obediently following in line before.

* I counted twenty one when watching them - I now realise there are more.

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