This is the last election where we can save the planet

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I posted this video on YouTube this morning. In it I argue that we all know that climate change is now the biggest problem that we as a human race face. And yet you'd never think it from what most political parties are saying at this election. Don't they care about the future, our children and grandchildren and the calamity facing us all? Their indifference is quite staggering.

The transcript is:

This is the last election where we can save the planet, at least as far as the UK is concerned, because let's be clear, we know that we're in a climate crisis now. We have the world's leading climate scientists on the International Climate Change Committee, the ICCC, saying that we are on the brink of a precipice of disaster.

I've known that this was going to happen for years. On the bookshelves behind me are books that I read in the 1970s saying that one day we would reach this position. And now we're here. And yet, apart from the Greens, not a single one of the political parties that is standing for election in 2024 is saying that this is their priority.

It's as if what happens tomorrow is much more important to them than what happens in 20 or more years time when our children, not me - but my children - will still be alive and facing the calamity that might be created if we don't tackle climate change now.

Why are our political parties ignoring this?

Why are they so negligent?

Why aren't they putting the money into the Green New Deal - something that I co-authored in 2008 and which has been noted around the world - which says we need to change the way we manage our economies so that we put the emphasis upon sustainability. The evidence again from those experts, the ICCC and others, is that if only we did this, not only could we hold climate change down to what are still sustainable levels of change, but we could even do so - and even more - increase our prosperity.

Sure, there would be some changes in the way we live, but there have always been changes in the way that we live as an economy, as individuals, as we react to processes of change. And this will just be another of those. But we could have a totally recognisable and sustainable lifestyle if only the investment was made.

So why aren't we getting this process of change?

Well, it's because Rachel Reeves and Jeremy Hunt, and whoever is speaking on the economy for most of the other leading political parties - again, I except the Greens - are saying, “But we can't borrow. We must live within our constraints. There is a limit on what we can do because the City of London won't lend to us.”

This is all nonsense.

There was money to deal with the Covid crisis.

There was money to deal with the 2008 financial crisis.

If there was a war, I guarantee you there would be money available to deal with it.

We face an existential crisis as a human race. Not the planet. The planet will survive whatever we do, but we may not.

And the point is we therefore need to take action and we need to take it now.

But it's not on the agendas of any of our major political parties.

If you share my concern about the future of this planet, the future of young people, and the future well-being of the whole biosphere, then I suggest this is the election where you have to raise that issue with the candidates because they are going to be responsible for delivering your future safety.

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