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Apologies for the odd title, but that figure happens to be the number of words in the final version of the full Taxing Wealth Report 2024, which I turned into a PDF for publication last night.

Shorter versions will be available.

The whole thing should be launched on Friday unless something strange happens between now and then.

It has been a bit of an effort. Just doing final formats yesterday was a ten-hour screen-based slog. There will be more like that today.

I remind myself of one thing, which is why I began this. Lucy Powell MP said last summer that "there is no money left". It is the Labour Party mantra, and it is not true. The Taxing Wealth Report 2024 exists to show that Labour's claim refers to a choice that it made. There is money left. Labour is just choosing not to access it, which is precisely why I am so annoyed with them.

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