Oxford needs to wake up and smell the shit

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I watched both boat races yesterday. Why? Because I wanted Cambridge to won. They do, after all, train in my home city of Ely on a bit of river with which I am very familiar. There was some local interest for me.

I was, as a result, happy to note two Cambridge wins, both against the odds.

But there was another slight satisfaction in noting this. My disquiet about Oxford, its politics, philosophy and economics degree, and the pernicious impact that graduates from that degree seem to have had on British political life over the last forty years meant that I could not help but note that the failings of neoliberalism played a big part in the Cambridge wins.

Oxford could not get on the water to practice for weeks before the race because of flooding at their boat club. The regulated waters of the Ouse suffered no such fate. One for state backed controls in the face of global warming then.

And then there was e-coli, which the Oxford crew blamed for sickness amongst their crew. Privatisation, much beloved of the Oxford PPE crowd, appeared to bite back in that case.

There was, for me, an inevitable sense of schadenfreude about this that I could not suppress.

Will Oxford be campaigning for clean water now? I got that sense from Cambridge commentators, and less so from those from Oxford. Maybe they should wake up and smell the shit. It would be long overdue if they did.

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