March 2024 is a record month for this blog

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Sometime this morning I celebrated (with a coffee) the moment when this blog had its best ever month in terms of traffic.

The previous best month was March 2023, when the blog was read 533,000 times. That total was exceeded this morning with the rest of the day's reads (likely to be an additional 10,000 or thereabouts) still to come.

Why note this? I think there are four good reasons to do so.

The first is to say thank you to those who support the blog.

The second is to note that there is an appetite for the alternatives that I talk about. Each article here might now be read as often as an economics opinion piece in a newspaper.

Third, it is because deep down I have realised that I am, above all else now, an educator. Of course I seek the reform of the society in which we live. In my opinion, any sane person should, given how debased and even depraved the ordering of that society now is. But, demanding change is not enough. Explaining how change might be delivered is key, and that requires explanation of the processes involved. Hence my relatively new perception of myself as an educator. If this blog is being read that goal of reaching out is being achieved, although new ways of doing this are, I hope, going to be explored in coming months.

Last, it would be wrong not to note a certain degree of personal satisfaction in achieving this. This blog has now been going since 2006. Not many have lasted that long. Its first full year was 2007, when there were 278,000 reads, in total. I never imagined that it might become as it now is. So thank you to all who read, comment on, like and donate to this blog. It wouldn't be what it is without you. It's my unexpected pleasure to host it. My hope is that it changes things, even a little bit.

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