Why is Labour backing what its likely supporters think to be the worst possible option for water?

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I put this poll on Twitter yesterday:

Let me say straight away, and before anyone else does, that I anm aware that such polls are not scientific. There is, of course, bias within my reasons for posting the poll, the questions, those I reach and those who choose to vote. Without much effort you could extend that list.

So, let me reveal my bias. I wanted to test whether Labour's preferred plan for Thames Water, based on what I hear that is is saying internally, might be popular amongst those I reach, who are likely to have a bias towards voting Labour.

That preferred Labour option is to bail Thames Water out and to return it to the market. It is certain it will not nationalise it in the long term, if at all.

The poll reveals the unpopularity of this option. I guess someone must have voted for it, but that number has not as yet ever been sufficient to record as even 1%, however many votes were cast at the time that I looked.

In other words, it seems fairly certain, even given the biases within this poll, that Labour is choosing what its natural supporters think the worst possible option for water.

Why would they choose to do that?

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