Genocide cannot be condoned, whoever does it

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This post on Twitter was made yesterday by this person:

He is the director of the UN aid agency in Gaza. It is the only agency able to reach the people there.

He said this:

The Israeli government has begun to use famine as an instrument war.

Please do not ask me to condone, tolerate, or ignore this.

And please do not tell me it is anti-Semitic to condemn that government and its Zionism that motivated this, because it is not.

Like those Jews who condemn this government - and very large numbers do - I stand up for humanity. Zionism can never excuse its abuse.

And please also don't tell me this is only reaction to Hamas and 7 October. I have condemned what they did then many times. But nothing excuses the war crimes the Netanyahu regime is committing now, or those who supply it with arms. Genocide cannot be condoned, whoever does it.

Has the time come for sanctions to be imposed on Israel?

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