Israel and its allies – including the UK – are going to deliver a planned famine in Gaza

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The IPC describes itself as follows in its website:

The Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) is an innovative multi-partner initiative for improving food security and nutrition analysis and decision-making. By using the IPC classification and analytical approach, Governments, UN Agencies, NGOs, civil society and other relevant actors, work together to determine the severity and magnitude of acute and chronic food insecurity, and acute malnutrition situations in a country, according to internationally-recognised scientific standards.

The IPC has issued a report on Gaza, based on its scale of crisis assessment, which is as follows:

They say the situation in Gaza in the last month was as follows:

And then they note that they expect things to change as follows over the next few months:

Israel controls food supply into Gaza. No one else can.

Israel is not permitting sufficient food into Gaza. As a result 50 per cent of its population now face famine. Most of the rest face a food crisis.

International law does not permit Israel to do this. Its actions are clearly illegal. But countries like the UK and USA permit it by supplying the arms Israel needs to crush Gaza and impose this famine.

It is my hope that not just those in Israel imposing this famine should be punished, but so too should those in this and other countries that let it happen, knowing it was going on.

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