Can the centre hold?

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Yesterday was interesting, although not necessarily in ways that anyone might desire.

We watched the credibility (at least) of the Royal Family collapsing in real time.

Reform got its first MP, and maybe not its last of this parliament.

The Tories largest donor, who is reported to have been considerably enriched by Tory healthcare related contracts, is also reported to have made racist (and what would appear to be violent) comments about Diane Abbott MP.

Indian PM Modi decided to make it harder for Moslems to become Indian.

The far-right won significant influence in the Portuguese general election.

The Republicans sought to make clear that they are willing to gift Ukraine to Russia, presumably to gain Putin's support for Trump's election campaign.

And Michael Gove is planning a new definition of extremism, which is most definitely what a deeply divided UK does not need.

I posted this on Twitter last night:

Can the centre hold?

Do we even know where it is anymore?

I wish I knew the answer to that.

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