There is no ‘other’

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I put this on Twitter last night:

What Sunak and his far-right allies want to create with their pernicious rhetoric of unity, to which Labour subscribes, is a feeling of inclusion for some in a group from which others are most definitely excluded.

To beat this politics built on hate, austerity and the denial of rights we need to build a politics based on generosity of spirit and material wellbeing coupled with an embrace of the differences that make the unique peculiarities that each of us possess into the people that we are, and wish to be accepted as. Is that an impossible dream?

It was not an ideal Tweet. Instead it was more like a placeholder for an idea based on a number of themes.

One is the ever-growing awareness of how awful the Tories are.

Another is a deep-seated perception of their embrace of the fascist idea of there being an ‘other' who must be vilified.

Then there is Labour's lack of willing to call this out.

But perhaps most of all there is the realisation that the need for a new, unifying, narrative within politics is very high.

After that there is my belief that any such narrative has to simultaneously accept the imperative of collective co-existence and the innate requirement that this be fair whilst at the same time recognising that the differences between us have to be accepted and even celebrated because they are what make us unique so that we can stand out in a world where our obvious need for company and mutuality is ever-present.

A wise person once summarised this as loving our neighbours as ourselves, but I am going further than that.

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