The Tory view of British values

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Rishi Sunak spoke yesterday of the need for the government, police and others to stand up against those who oppose British values. But, just what are those values? Based upon careful consideration of his governments, comments, conduct and legislation, it would seem that they include:

  • Racism
  • Discrimination, of all sorts
  • A tolerance of :
    • Misogyny
    • Increasing inequality
    • Climate change denial
    • Wealth built upon slavery and colonial exploitation
    • English nationalism to the exclusion of the Welsh, Scottish and people of Northern Ireland
    • Economic exploitation
    • Corruption
    • Genocide
    • Tax havens
    • Hunting with dogs
  • Undermining of the rule of law
  • Vilification of public servants
  • Vote rigging and gerrymandering
  • A refusal to honour legal obligations
  • A dislike of:
    • Those who work for a living
    • Social housing
    • The young
    • Those on low incomes
    • Those with disabilities
    • Single parents
    • Any type of non-heterosexual orientation
  • Intolerance of
    • The SNP
    • Plaid Cymru
    • The Green Party
    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • Northern Ireland
    • Ireland
    • The EU and all its member states
    • State schools
    • Libraries
    • Theatre
    • The arts
    • The NHS
    • Anyone claiming a benefit, including the state pension, unless they also have a significant private pension as well, when doing so is just fine
  • Those who are members of:
    • The National Trust
    • RSPB
    • Oxfam
    • XR
    • A Wildlife Trust
    • Any faith but Christianity and Judaism, but with an honourable pass being given for Hindus right now

In contrast, it would seem that supporting the following are all clear indications of holding an opinion contrary to British values:

  • Free and fair elections
  • Proportional representation
  • An end to discrimination in the right to vote
  • An end to discrimination, full stop
  • Respect for human rights
  • Respect for the rule of law
  • Justice
  • A right to economic and social equality
  • Free speech
  • The right to protest
  • Action to tackle climate change
  • Support for the Green New Deal
  • Religious tolerance
  • Social tolerance
  • National self-determination
  • The right to have enough to eat
  • The right to a roof over your head
  • Speed limits
  • Peace

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