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Every Doctor - which campaigns on NHS issues and most of whose many members work in that organisation, put the following out this morning. You can come along if you sign up to Every Doctor


Online event with the brilliant Richard Murphy, 8-9pm.

We have a really important event happening this evening, between 8-9pm. I'm going to be interviewing Richard Murphy about his work, about what politicians are telling us about public services, finances and debt, and why we need to understand all of this in order to demand better from our politicians.

Finances can be a dry subject; but they are never dry when Richard explains them. Find his blog here and a critical page in the Taxing Wealth Report 2024. There are things that politicians are misleading us about, and Richard is going to explain it all clearly. This is going to be a fantastic event. After all, if we're going to fight effectively for the NHS, we need to understand the money side of things.

Honestly? I'm also just looking forward to getting into an (online) room with our community right now. I can't be the only one feeling utterly outraged with politicians, and needing to connect with like-minded individuals!

Our event tonight is free to all EveryDoctor members. If you haven't already, join us as a member now (it's super easy and takes one minute) we'll pop the zoom link over to you. Please join today. Frankly, with UK politics in the state it's in, the EveryDoctor team is working flat out and we have so much work to do. Every new member joining powers our work. Just click here to join:

I know that you are an incredibly compassionate group of people, because I spend all day speaking and listening to thousands of you online. Thank you for being incredible, and I really hope your day involves some moments of pause,  cups of tea (or whatever you like), and a blue spring sky (after the rain). I don't know if anyone needs to hear this today, but we can create change if we stick together; we can make progress and we can force politicians into action. Don't ever feel hopeless, because you're not on your own.


Dr Julia Patterson
EveryDoctor Chief Executive

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