Starmer is high in the pantheon of charlatans who have sought high office in this country

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The true story of what was behind yesterday's debacle in parliament is made clear in an article in The Guardian:

The reality is that Starmer will not condemn Isarael's action in Gaza and wants to perpetuate their right to collectively punish the Palestinian people of Gaza, contrary to international law.

The fact is that the vast majority of people in this country do not like what he is doing. They are protesting.

Labour MPs do not like the right to protest, as the Labour leadership has made very clear by offering its support to the government in crackdowns on the right to protest.

Worse still, the Labour leadership do not like protests aimed at them. They are most definitely, in the opinion, anti-democratic when the exact opposite is true.

So Starmer, rather than listen to the protests and realise that people are rightly angry that he is still supporting the right of Israel to commit genocide, demanded that Lindsay Hoyle break parliamentary procedure to supposedly let his MPs vote on a Labour motion calling for a faux-ceasefire, the conditions for which he knew could not be met.

He claimed his members were at risk. And that was his justification.

So, too, are the people of Gaza at risk. He, however, does not care about them. He only cares about Labour Party discipline when its policy offends all decent people.

And so we got yesterday's debacle. He'd rather undermine democracy than do the right thing for people suffering genocide.

That puts him high in the pantheon of charlatans who have sought high office in this country.

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