Standardised, neoliberal, ‘we have to accept the world as it is’ politics is leaving people with no choice when they are desperate for an alternative

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On a Sunday morning when the most obvious conclusion to draw about current political debate in the UK is that the two leading parties are both utterly incompetent, with the ‘also rans' not doing nearly enough to worry them, this headline and subtitle in The Observer is telling:

Starmer allies gripped by fear of Labour complacency amid byelection triumphs

Despite victory in two Conservative safe seats, a Labour government is not a foregone conclusion, say party hawks

The threat to Labour is very obviously not complacency. People are livid about what is happening in this country. What they are is indifferent to the agenda put before them by Labour, largely because there isn't one.

Worse than that, they now know Starmer might have culled his party, but has not achieved his goal when doing so.

They also know he can dither, mightily. That's the surest sign of a man without principles to guide his behaviour. Most people can work that out.

People are not complacent. They're really angry. But standardised, neoliberal, ‘we have to accept the world as it is' politics leaves people with no choice.

I refuse to accept the world as it is. I long for a time when politicians do not do so either. Heaven knows when that might be.

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