Fascism is much closer than we ever imagined

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The world is in agreement that Alexei Navalny was murdered. The only surprise is that, unlike most of Putin's opponents who seem to suffer this fate, he did not fall out of a window.

Navalny's early politics were far from liberal. Few, however, can doubt that he appeared to leave them behind as his campaign against corruption and for democracy brought him into conflict with Putin. He has now paid the ultimate price for that. His wife and children live with the consequences. They have my sympathy. Too few seem to be saying that today.

Why note this? Three reasons.

First, this is the reality of Putin's Russia.

Second, Trump models himself on and admires Putin and his methods.

Third, where Trump goes many on the far-right follow, only a little behind.

This is a dangerous world for the opponents of the far-right.

That said, Navalny was right that the opposition has to continue. There is no choice.

I always recall the conversation John Christensen and I had in January 2006 when we realised that what we were doing on tax justice was going to be our working lives. We asked each other what would prevent our success. We both agreed it was fascism. It still is. It's just much closer than we imagined back then.

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