What possible reason could there be for nursing applications to have fallen?

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As the FT has reported this morning:

The number of applications to nursing courses at UK universities has fallen sharply, prompting the Royal College of Nursing to call for emergency measures to boost recruitment and address NHS staff shortages.

Apparently, university applications for nursing courses are down 7.4 per cent compared to last year.

This blows a massive hole in the government's stated plan to recruit more nurses.

It also gives rise to the question ‘why might this be happening?'

Could it be that that treating nurses with contempt and refusing their reasonable pay demands, so forcing them to strike, might have had anything to do with this?

Ministers would deny this, of course.

Anyone with the slightest common sense might express amazement that applications are as high as they are given the shoddy way in which all NHS staff have been treated by this government.

Ministers who think they can score points over state employees without repercussions arising really are very stupid.

And no one believes Wes Streeting will be any better.

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