Labour’s (wrong) choice

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Labour is putting its faith in business.

That faith is that business will fund it, because it has alienated its membership.

That faith expects that business will deliver growth, which is the pre-condition for all Labour's supposed plans.

The faith is that this will happen without a new Labour government doing anything to change the reasons for business to grow.

That faith is misplaced. Business is not to be trusted, as people know. This is an Ipsos Mori poll from 2022 on who people trust in the UK:

Labour is choosing to trust business leaders, who have 32% confidence in the community. That's better than politicians (12%) and journalists (29%) but way less than trade unionists (48%) or civil servants ((56%), let alone the people Labour is really intent on alienating, including teachers (81%), doctors (85%) and nurses (89%).

I'd like to suggest that Labour is making the wrong choice.

But then I have to ask why they're doing that? Could it be that, just like the Tories, the post-political career is all that they now care about? The choice is hard to explain otherwise, and they are heading for five years in power at most on the basis of the current performance.

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