Is David Cameron really as stupid as all appearances suggest he might be?

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I have a simple question to ask this morning. It is whether David Cameron is really as stupid as all appearances suggest he might be?

This passage in The Guardian inspired the question:

The UK could officially recognise a Palestinian state after a ceasefire in Gaza without waiting for the outcome of what could be years of talks between Israel and the Palestinians on a two-state solution, David Cameron has said.

Speaking during a visit on Thursday to Lebanon intended to tamp down regional tensions, the foreign secretary said no recognition could come while Hamas remained in Gaza, but that it could take place while Israeli negotiations with Palestinian leaders were continuing.

Let me unpack that for a moment. Cameron is saying that the UK might recognise a Palestinian state if:

  • Hamas is eliminated from Gaza, which is the stated goal of the current genocidal Israeli campaign there.
  • The Palestinians will not then have a free choice on their next leadership.
  • The leadership that will be imposed on them as a result must then negotiate with Israel.
  • Subject to the condition that Palestinians do not have a free choice they might then have a state.

Did Cameron think we would not notice what he was really saying?

Or does he think we do not care?

Or is he just too stupid to appreciate any of this?

It's almost impossible to tell.

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