Two million people’s fate hangs on the survival of UNRWA. Nothing else exists between them and disaster. 

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The FT has posted a very level-headed report on the work of UNRWA, the United Nations agency dealing with refugees in Gaza.

In that report, it notes that after 7 October, Israel secured the UNRWA staff database and then compared that with a list of Hamas members it thought had been engaged in the raids on that day. In addition to the 12 already dealt with by UNRWA to meet an Israeli demand for action, Israel has suggested that another 190 employees were affiliated to Hamas. Amongst 30,000 employees, I am staggered that the figure is so small.

What I had not previously known, however, was that, as the FT Notes:

UNRWA had sent staff lists to Israel every year, and never before received objections, said another person familiar with the situation.

That is an extraordinary degree of cooperation. It does not suggest that the UNRWA thought it had anything to hide. It suggests, very strongly, that it had tried very hard to avoid this situation happening.

So, the question is, why did Israel choose to exploit this when it did after the ICJ ruling?

And why have countries like the UK decided to support its genocide when it is clear that there is no investigation to do or findings to be established because the investigation has already been done?

And what is the UK's reaction going to be when UNRWA runs out of money soon, and no agency steps in because they cannot, meaning food and medicine supplies will fail in Gaza, as they surely will?

There is no one to take on the UNRWA role.

Two million people's fate hangs on the survival of UNRWA. Nothing else exists between them and disaster.

And meanwhile, countries are playing politics.

The FT is clearly sickened by this. So am I.

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