It feels like some people are driving the world towards insanity, and no one is sure how to stop them

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Politics is in a very surreal and dangerous place this morning.

Here in the UK, Rishi Sunak is desperately trying to muster support for his Rwanda Bill that, at its core, seeks to legislate untrue opinion into law. In the process it deliberately overrides human rights in a way that sets a desperately dangerous precedent.

We have not, in modern history, seen a Prime Minister gamble his or her fate on something so absurd: even Boris Johnson had something more of substance to offer when he fought for Brexit, however misguided he was.

I have no idea whether Sunak will command the House of Commons tonight, and it seems as if no one else has either, Sunak included. But, in a very real sense whether he does or not makes little difference: the fact that he has actually tried to promote legislation so bad that the House of Lords will have to challenge it, and thereafter the Supreme Court would have to rule it illegal, despite the backing of parliament, is so dangerous that the crisis that we are in is hard to comprehend.

The crisis is not just here in the UK, however. At COP 28, it would appear that OPEC has taken control. The world over, everyone knows that we have to phase out the use of fossil fuels if there is to be a chance of continuing human life here on earth. But, in their own interests, the OPEC countries are trying to water down the international commitment to that process, merely seeking that the use of such fuels be reduced.

This is as dangerous as Sunak's attempt to legislate false opinion. In the pursuit of the interests of a few, Sunak and OPEC are both threatening the stability of society as we have known it, quite consciously aware of the consequences, and apparently indifferent to them.

I have often felt that we are close to a tipping point. Today, that feels closer than ever, and apart from drawing attention to the issue, I have little other clue what to do about it. It feels like some people are driving the world towards insanity, and no one is sure how to stop them.

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