The Tories have gone full on fascist with their Rwanda Bill

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The government has this afternoon published this:

This statement in the preamble to this Bill is astonishing:

So, human rights no longer matter in UK law-making.

And then clause 2 imposes these staggering requirements:

So, black is now ruled by law to be white. Opinion is now law. Objective facts no longer matter. The suspension of reality has itself become law.

And if there is any doubt as to our right to object, Clause 3 says:

Any semblance that the UK might now be considered a liberal country, let alone a liberal democracy that is governed in accordance with the rule of law, has now been totally abandoned.

This is full-on fascist law intended for the sole purpose of deliberately victimising some in society whose rights to object to being treated in that way are being removed in law.  The time when we can pretend otherwise has now passed. From now on we must live at the whim of our rulers. Unless we can get rid of them, that is.

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