What Labour is proposing makes no sense at all – even electorally

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I posted this poll on Twitter yesterday morning:

I do, of course, accept that my Twitter following is not representative. It is bound to have a left-of-centre bias. But that makes this more relevant. What that makes clear is that amongst those who are left of centre, what Starmer is doing is deeply unpopular.

We know that Starmer is chasing swing voters on the right. That, though, makes no sense either. There are none left to be had when latest polls look like this:

There is no margin left for Labour to take there.

In that case what is Labour playing at? As Aditya Chakrabortty said in a Guradian email this morning:

Two weeks ago, Jeremy Hunt came out with plans which everyone credible says are simply not going to happen. And Rachel Reeves says, I'm going to accept all of it anyway. This feels a bit like handing your worst enemy your wallet, and asking them to count your money.

That's how insane what Labour is doing is.

And Labour is leading in the polls.

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