Labour’s plan for Britain is austerity piled high

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Keir Starmer has a deeply depressing article in The Telegraph this morning.

He began by talking about:

It is in this sense of public service that Labour has changed dramatically in the last three years. The course of shock therapy we gave our party had one purpose: to ensure that we were once again rooted in the priorities, the concerns and the dreams of ordinary British people.

To put those dreams in context he said:

Margaret Thatcher sought to drag Britain out of its stupor by setting loose our natural entrepreneurialism.

He mentioned Clem Atlee, but only to note:

A century ago, Clement Attlee wrote that Labour must be a party of duty and patriotism, not abstract theory.

Of his founding of the NHS or the creation of the welfare state there is not a mention. Instead we get:

The Tories have talked the talk on fiscal prudence while wasting untold billions…. They have squandered economic opportunities and failed to realise the possibilities of Brexit.

Amongst Labour supporters opinion polls show almost no one thinks there are any such benefits. At this juncture only a fool could be persuaded that there might be.

This, though, is where Starmer really reveals himself:

They will bequeath public finances more akin to a minefield than a solid foundation. Labour's iron-clad fiscal rules will set this straight – but it will not be quick or easy.

The crass stupidity that is Labour's fiscal rule - that will guarantee austerity and failing public services in the UK- is on display here. This is so much so  that he notes :

There will be many on my own side who will feel frustrated by the difficult choices we will have to make. This is non-negotiable: every penny must be accounted for. The public finances must be fixed so we can get Britain growing and make people feel better off.

Starmer clearly thinks three things.

The first is that the government has no money of its own, which we all know is not true. QE proved it.

The second is that there can be no accounting for deficits, which is oxymoronic, because we can only know they exist if they are accounted for.

And third, that the illusionary goal of balancing the budget - which is thankfully very largely unknown in recent British history, because all economic progress depends on the existence of such deficits - is more important than the provision of public services. It is quite staggering to see him make that so clear, and deeply depressing.

A Labour government led by Keir Starmer will be a disaster for this country.

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