The Tory civil war

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The FT has a headline this morning that says:

It is, of course, glaringly obvious that the UK prime minister should not reduce the country's commitment to human rights treaties and laws, unless, of course, you are a member of the far-right, when trampling over such things so that most people can be enslaved in the service of a few is exactly what your politics is all about.

It has been the curse of the Conservative Party to have always embraced the far-right.

It has been its greater misfortune to have explicitly done so for several decades now.

Indecently, for the sake of the Tory majority, that faction has insisted in making its presence felt since the 90s and no Tory leader has ever found a way to manage the resulting stresses, most of which have imposed enormous cost on the UK as a whole.

Sunak is one of the weakest of this feeble group of supposed leaders. He has no chance whatsoever of addressing this issue. And so we are all in peril again.

Wise Tories would realise that their only solution is to be rid of the far-right and to embrace PR, which would guarantee a Tory presence in parliament for time immemorial to come.

But there are no wise Tories as far as I can tell. So we, and they, are dragged ever closer to fascism as a result of the failure of supposedly moderate Tories to do anything more than co-sign a letter.

Will they appreciate the stupidity of their ways in time to save a centre right in the UK, which is a necessary part of our democracy, or will this all end in tears? Time will tell.

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