Reform is getting all it wants as both Labour and the Tories jump every time it moves

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The Guardian has an article out this morning headlined:

I think this is a misreading of what Reform is doing.

Reform does not exist to win. It has no desire to do so.

Nor does it want to split the Tory vote. It is even questionable whether it is doing so. Some of its vote undoubtedly comes from Labour. Yet more will come from those who would not have voted at all without it being present, I suspect.

The Reform agenda is quite different. Those funding it simply want a populist far-right agenda that focuses on division in society by exploiting issues such as migration to dominate political debate.

By doing so, they force the issues that really matter, from climate change, to destitution, to real political reform, to tackling inequality, and so much more, to the sidelines, and force the so-called Overton Window that determines possible political outcomes ever further to the right.

Labour has fallen for that hook, line and sinker. If Tice merely moves Labour jumps in response.

The Tories are no better.

Reform does not need to win, and will not win. But it is getting what it wants anyway as all but right-wing options are removed from the Tory and Labour agendas.

And, apparently, nether of those parties can see that.

It's that fact that is most especially sickening.

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