Any decent politician should commit to the return of stolen property

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As the Guardian has noted in an email newsletter this morning:

Rishi Sunak cancelled a meeting with Greek prime minister Kyiakos Mitsotakis at the last minute on Monday after his counterpart gave an interview calling for the Parthenon marbles to be returned from the British Museum. In a renewed row over the fate of the antiquities, which were taken from the Acropolis in the 19th century, Mitsotakis told reporters he was “deeply disappointed by the abrupt cancellation”.

I am simply staggered by this.

The Elgin Marbles were looted by the UK two centuries ago.

They are not ours.

They belong to Greece.

To pretend otherwise is deeply embarrassing.

To refuse their return is simply wrong.

To make a diplomatic incident out of this shows a profound lack of judgment whilst waving the flag for our past colonial failings.

Sunak should be ashamed of himself.

Any decent politician should commit to the return of stolen property.

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