The City is desperate for ISA money precisely because money is leaving it by the billion

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I was wondering why so many people appear desperate to get Jeremy Hunt to change ISA rules so that more money can flow from UK savers in the London Stock Exchange.

A quick bit of research led me to this chart on Statista:

Market capitalization of companies trading on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) from January 2015 to July 2023

Of course there are variations with time - and Covid - but it hardly takes a genius to note that the underlying trend of market capitalisation of companies quoted on the London Stock Exchange is markedly downward.

No one thinks changing ISA rules to encourage saving in the shares of UK companies will deliver a penny more in terms of investment in the UK economy. But, changing these rules might lead to some more money heading for the City in the UK, for them to speculate with, squander and exploit. And that is what this proposal is all about.

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