Esther McVey: minister for the promotion of indifference about racism, inequality and social division

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As The Sun reported yesterday:

ESTHER McVey has made a shock return to the Cabinet as Rishi Sunak's "common sense tsar" tasked with tackling the scourge of wokery, The Sun understands.

The PM appointed Ms McVey to the Cabinet Office role today in an olive branch to the Tory right.

I know that woke is a contentious word, but let me note what it means. A common English  definition is:

Aware, especially of social problems such as racism and inequality

Another is:

Aware of social and political issues, especially racism

Those are from Cambridge and Oxford dictionaries, respectively.

So we now have a minister, who was moonlighting on GB News until the weekend, whose task it is to promote unawareness (or might we call it ignorance or political incomprehension?), indifference, racism, inequality and social division.

You literally could not make callousness on this scale up, and it is happening in our government now. No wonder we have thugs at the beck and call of minister's dog whistles.

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