David Cameron is not the answer to any known question

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Lord David Cameron (presumably of Greensill) is not the answer to any known question unless that question is either how to be a terrible prime minister or how to make a total mess of your post-prime ministerial career, because he managed both.

Despite that he is back in one of the high offices of state. He will now represent the UK abroad despite in his time having promoted or supported:

  • A pro-China policy that was in retrospect clearly unwise.
  • US bombing of Libya, which the RAF supported, and which left that country in ruins still.
  • The disastrous Remain campaign to stay in Europe, the vote on which was as much a referendum on the failure of his austerity programme as it was a rejection of the EU.
  • Netanyahu, far too unquestioningly.

There are no doubt other foreign policy failings: those will do for starters.

And, now he cannot be questioned on anything he does in the House of Commons. So, today there should be an urgent question in the Commons on the bombing of  hospitals in Gaza and he cannot be there. Tomorrow there might be a debate on the call for a ceasefire and he cannot be there.

It is  bad enough that the Tory party is so absent of talent that Cameron was appointed.

It is worse that we now have an unaccountable foreign secretary.

It is worse still that wherever he goes the stain of association with Greensill will go with him.

What a complete and utter mess created by another truly incompetent prime minister who can see no way to manage his own party, just as Cameron could not.

When will we be rid of them?

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