Will anyone be held accountable for 230,000 excess Covid deaths?

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This is the front cover of The Lancet this week:

The article from which the quotation comes is by noted health journalist, Richard Horton. He says:

A former minister for health in England wrote to me that “The COVID-19 inquiry will make us the laughing stock in the eyes of the world.” But it is worse than that. The level of criminal incompetence exposed by recent witnesses to the UK COVID-19 Inquiry, chaired by Baroness Heather Hallett, has proven that many, if not most, of over 230 000 deaths were preventable. Amid the claims of extreme misogyny, profanity, and chaos that litter the evidence is a story of complete government breakdown.

His conclusion is:

The lies, deceptions, and callous conceit that characterised the UK's initial response to COVID-19 must surely bring some kind of reckoning.

But will it? The decision will be for Labour to take. And will they prosecute their predecessors knowing that they too will completely compromise themselves for the sake of the false god of balancing the books? I really can't see it. And so, the corruption will continue.

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