There is nothing good about being where we are this morning

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Yesterday was not a good day.

It is true that hundreds of thousands of people demonstrated, peacefully, for peace in Gaza. That this happened in that way was a cause of massive relief, but not much surprise.

There were anti-Semitic and pro-Hamas sentiments expressed. Both were wrong. There is very little that can be added to that statement: these are unacceptable sentiments.

But, as we all know the day was dominated by far-right sentiment, dog-whistled into action by a far-right Home Secretary who put the police at considerable risk as a result, and excused by a Prime Minister who claimed there was pro-Hamas violence of similar sort when that was simply not true.

It was the actions of these two far-right politicians that made yesterday a bad day. They chose to undermine law and order. They ignored, or sort to justify, the thuggery used against those who upheld it. I can recall no such other occasion in my life.

We totter on a precipice around such issues, and whether the rule of law can be maintained, or whether politicians even have the will to do so.

There is nothing good about being where we are this morning.

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